16-02-20 AMJosh BoltWhy Jude MattersDownload 11.4MB Play
09-02-20 AMIan FeatherstoneLove and AcceptanceDownload 13.9MB Play
02-02-20 AMIan CopemanThe Cost of Being A DiscipleDownload 18.2MB Play
26-01-20 AMAndy JelfsAbove All, LoveDownload 16.5MB Play
19-01-20 AMRob McNeishComeDownload 11.8MB Play
12-01-20 AMLaszlo Balint1 Thessalonians v 1-11Download 16.4MB Play
05-01-20 AMAndrew DixeyHe Who Has Ears, Let Him HearDownload 13.5MB Play
29-12-19 AMMark Plumb2 Timothy 3 v 10-17Download 17.4MB Play
25-12-19 AMAndrew DixeyThe Wall of SinDownload 5.8MB Play
22-12-19 PMRob McNeishJosephDownload 6.1MB Play
22-12-19 AMVictor JackWhy is The Birth of Jesus Such Good News?Download 10.6MB Play
08-12-19 AMBrian StennerLuke 2 v 21-40Download 6.7MB Play
24-11-19 AMTed JackTroubleDownload 11.7MB Play
17-11-19 AMAndy JelfsThink Like A ChristianDownload 12.7MB Play
10-11-19 AMKevin MooreHebrews 13Download 19.7MB Play
03-11-19 AMKeith WhiteA Tale of Two TreesDownload 14.7MB Play
27-10-19 AMBernard PlumeCounterfeit ConstructionDownload 11.4MB Play
20-10-19 AMSteve WigbyA School ReportDownload 14.8MB Play
13-10-19 AMSimon LaddIsaiah 53Download 13.2MB Play
06-10-19 AMDavid ButcherSlaves ReleasedDownload 13.7MB Play
29-09-19 AMTony HoodCaleb - A Man With A VisionDownload 14.4MB Play
22-09-19 AMRob McNeishThe Believer's ArmourDownload 13.8MB Play
15-09-19 AMMark PlumbJohn 1 v 1-18Download 21.3MB Play
08-09-19 AMGodfrey MillerEpaphroditus - Philippians 2 v 25-30Download 15.5MB Play
01-09-19 AMGlyn JonesMatthew 10 - PreachingDownload 13.9MB Play
25-08-19 AMBrian StennerA Great Celebration - Nehemiah 8 v 1-12Download 8.4MB Play
18-08-19 AMAndrew DixeyDo You Want To Get Well?Download 16.3MB Play
11-08-19 AMBernard PlumeMy Way Has ConsequencesDownload 13.5MB Play
04-08-19 AMRob McNeishHow to Deal with a Fool (part 2)Download 15.3MB Play
28-07-19 AMRob McNeishHow to Deal with a FoolDownload 13.5MB Play
21-07-19 AMLaszlo Balint1 Kings 19 v 1-18Download 19.3MB Play
14-07-19 AMMark PlumbJohn 1 v 1-18Download 23.0MB Play
07-07-19 AMAndy JelfsI Will Come BackDownload 13.1MB Play
30-06-19 AMKevin MooreEzekielDownload 18.1MB Play
23-06-19 AMAndy RogersFilled with the Spirit, Led by the SpiritDownload 12.8MB Play
16-06-19 AMPeter WalkerThe Leprosy MissionDownload 12.9MB Play
09-06-19 AMGlyn JonesMAF and PentecostDownload 11.8MB Play
03-06-19 AMMarc PowellThe TransfigurationDownload 9.9MB Play
26-05-19 AMAustin MuddThree CharactersDownload 14.1MB Play
19-05-19 AMTed JackThe Gift and Purpose of the SpiritDownload 16.2MB Play
12-05-19 AMBernard PlumeProfit in PitsDownload 12.2MB Play
05-05-19 AMRob McNeishThe Prodigal SonDownload 9.0MB Play
28-04-19 AMDavid PritchardThe Treasury of ScriptureDownload 14.3MB Play
21-04-19 AMSteve WigbyListen to GodDownload 14.5MB Play
14-04-19 AMVictor JackWhy Did Jesus Die?Download 14.2MB Play
07-04-19 AMGodfrey MillerElijah on Mount Carmel - 1 Kings 18Download 17.1MB Play
31-03-19 AMKevin MooreThe Resurrection and the LifeDownload 15.1MB Play
24-03-19 AMDavid ButcherAsk and Receive - John 16 v 24Download 13.4MB Play
17-03-19 AMGlyn JonesForgivenessDownload 12.1MB Play
10-03-19 AMBernard PlumeAn Unexpected CallDownload 11.6MB Play
03-03-19 AMTony Hood1 Thessalonians 2 - Be…Download 18.3MB Play
24-02-19 AMJohn ClarkLuke 5 v 17-26Download 9.0MB Play
17-02-19 AMRob McNeishSaved From What? - Romans 1 v 18-32Download 15.1MB Play
10-02-19 AMBrian StennerThe Power of the Spoken WordDownload 10.6MB Play
03-02-19 AMAndy JelfsHebrews 10 v 19-25Download 14.5MB Play
27-01-19 AMMark PlumbHaggiaDownload 21.6MB Play
20-01-19 AMLaszlo BalintRomans 12 v 1 - WorshipDownload 16.8MB Play
13-01-19 AMSimon LaddI Am the WayDownload 12.2MB Play
06-01-19 AMAndrew DixeyProclaiming the Gospel in 2019Download 14.0MB Play