Date Speaker Subject Download Play
16-06-19 AM Peter Walker The Leprosy Mission Download 12.9MB Play
09-06-19 AM Glyn Jones MAF and Pentecost Download 11.8MB Play
03-06-19 AM Marc Powell The Transfiguration Download 9.9MB Play
26-05-19 AM Austin Mudd Three Characters Download 14.1MB Play
19-05-19 AM Ted Jack The Gift and Purpose of the Spirit Download 16.2MB Play
12-05-19 AM Bernard Plume Profit in Pits Download 12.2MB Play
05-05-19 AM Rob McNeish The Prodigal Son Download 9.0MB Play
28-04-19 AM David Pritchard The Treasury of Scripture Download 14.3MB Play
21-04-19 AM Steve Wigby Listen to God Download 14.5MB Play
14-04-19 AM Victor Jack Why Did Jesus Die? Download 14.2MB Play
07-04-19 AM Godfrey Miller Elijah on Mount Carmel – 1 Kings 18 Download 17.1MB Play
31-03-19 AM Kevin Moore The Resurrection and the Life Download 15.1MB Play
24-03-19 AM David Butcher Ask and Receive – John 16 v 24 Download 13.4MB Play
17-03-19 AM Glyn Jones Forgiveness Download 12.1MB Play
10-03-19 AM Bernard Plume An Unexpected Call Download 11.6MB Play
03-03-19 AM Tony Hood 1 Thessalonians 2 – Be… Download 18.3MB Play
24-02-19 AM John Clark Luke 5 v 17-26 Download 9.0MB Play
17-02-19 AM Rob McNeish Saved From What? – Romans 1 v 18-32 Download 15.1MB Play
10-02-19 AM Brian Stenner The Power of the Spoken Word Download 10.6MB Play
03-02-19 AM Andy Jelfs Hebrews 10 v 19-25 Download 14.5MB Play
27-01-19 AM Mark Plumb Haggia Download 21.6MB Play
20-01-19 AM Laszlo Balint Romans 12 v 1 – Worship Download 16.8MB Play
13-01-19 AM Simon Ladd I Am the Way Download 12.2MB Play
06-01-19 AM Andrew Dixey Proclaiming the Gospel in 2019 Download 14.0MB Play
30-12-18 AM Rob McNeish Three Reactions to Jesus Download 13.2MB Play
25-12-18 AM Andrew Dixey Joseph Download 6.9MB Play
23-12-18 PM Ray Delaney The Reason for the Season Download 3.3MB Play
23-12-18 AM Steve Morley Matthew 21 v 33-41 Download 10.0MB Play
16-12-18 AM Victor Jack Simeon’s Song – Luke 2 v 21-35 Download 12.2MB Play
02-12-18 AM Brian Stenner Matthew 11 v 25-30 – Jesus’ Life-Changing Statement Download 7.6MB Play
25-11-18 AM Kevin Moore The Call, The Cost, The Victory Download 20.9MB Play
18-11-18 AM Bernard Plume Get Back on the Bike Download 12.8MB Play
11-11-18 AM Andrew Dixey Remember Download 12.3MB Play
04-11-18 AM Andy Jelfs Here is Your God – Isaiah 40 Download 14.2MB Play
28-10-18 AM Rob McNeish David’s Response to Sin Download 11.7MB Play
21-10-18 AM Keith White Give Thanks No Matter What Happens Download 17.4MB Play
14-10-18 AM Josh Bolts Mark 1 v 1-13 Download 10.6MB Play
07-10-18 AM Godfrey Miller Psalm 25 – The Outpouring of a Man’s Heart Download 16.0MB Play
30-09-18 AM David Butcher God’s Masterpiece – Ephesians 5 v 22-33 Download 13.2MB Play
23-09-18 AM Tony Hood Exodus Download 17.5MB Play
16-09-18 AM David Pritchard Acts 9 v 1-20 Download 18.5MB Play
09-09-18 AM Godfrey Miller The Deity of Christ Download 14.6MB Play
02-09-18 AM John Clark Hebrews 4 v 12-16 Download 10.1MB Play
26-08-18 AM Bernard Plume Don’t Bankrupt Your Gift Download 11.6MB Play
19-08-18 AM Rob McNeish Man Fails, God Prevails Download 13.9MB Play
12-08-18 AM Glyn Jones Hebrews 10 Download 11.8MB Play
05-08-18 AM Austin Mudd Jesus Said “I Am The Way… Download 14.4MB Play
29-07-18 AM Ray Delaney Lamb of God Download 14.9MB Play
22-07-18 AM Steve Wigby Testimony Download 14.3MB Play
15-07-18 AM Mark Plumb Romans 5 v 12-21 Download 13.5MB Play
08-07-18 AM Andy Jelfs At the Beautiful Gate Download 15.1MB Play
01-07-18 AM Kevin Moore Philip and Paul Download 16.3MB Play
24-06-18 AM Brian Stenner Letter to a Young Church – Pergamos Download 11.3MB Play
17-06-18 AM Rob McNeish Romans 1 v 16-17 Download 12.5MB Play
10-06-18 AM Mark Powell Matthew 13 v 44-46 Download 11.9MB Play
03-06-18 AM Ian Copeman What Can’t I Give Up? Download 17.0MB Play
20-05-18 AM Ted Jack Mary and Martha Download 12.2MB Play
13-05-18 AM Laszlo Balint Mark 3 v 20-35 Download 16.3MB Play
06-05-18 AM Geoff Green The Return of Jesus Download 12.9MB Play
29-04-18 AM Rob McNeish Romans 1 v 1-6 Download 12.1MB Play
22-04-18 AM David Pritchard Psalm 139 Download 15.3MB Play
15-04-18 AM Victor Jack Forty Days After The Resurrection Download 16.4MB Play
08-04-18 AM Glyn Jones What Do You Believe? Download 16.7MB Play
01-04-18 AM Godfrey Miller The Resurrection Download 15.1MB Play