Date Speaker Subject Download Play
10-12-17 AM Simon Ladd Matthew 2 Download 18.1MB Play
03-12-17 AM Rob McNeish Romans 1 v 1 Download 15.4MB Play
26-11-17 AM Andy Jelfs Communion – Luke 22 v 14-20 Download 13.5MB Play
19-11-17 AM Tony Hood John 4 Download 17.6MB Play
12-11-17 AM Ted Jack 1 John 2 v 28 – 3 v 10 Download 12.6MB Play
05-11-17 AM John Clark Mark 1 Download 13.2MB Play
29-10-17 AM Bernard Plume Mind the Gap – After You’ve Prayed Download 15.3MB Play
22-10-17 AM Brian Stenner The Ascension Download 12.8MB Play
15-10-17 AM Keith White Thank God for Harvest Download 21.6MB Play
08-10-17 AM Rob McNeish Forgiveness – Psalm 51 Download 13.4MB Play
01-10-17 AM Kevin Moore Luke 5 Download 14.9MB Play
24-09-17 AM Tony Hood The Good Shepherd Download 15.5MB Play
17-09-17 AM David Butcher Christ’s Sacrifice Download 14.8MB Play
10-09-17 AM Victor Jack Psalm 42 and 43 – Spiritual Depression Download 13.9MB Play
03-09-17 AM David Pritchard Romans 12 v 1-3 Download 17.4MB Play
27-08-17 AM Austin Mudd Are You in the Ark? Download 13.3MB Play
20-08-17 AM Glyn Jones The Name of Jesus Download 13.2MB Play
13-08-17 AM Bernard Plume Leaving a Positive Footprint Download 15.0MB Play
06-08-17 AM Rob McNeish What is God Like? Download 15.6MB Play
30-07-17 AM Andy Jelfs Life Through the Spirit Download 14.4MB Play
23-07-17 AM Ted Jack James 1 Download 13.2MB Play
16-07-17 AM Andrew Dixey Ephesians 6 Download 16.6MB Play
09-07-17 AM Mark Plumb Daniel 6 Download 19.3MB Play
02-07-17 PM Bernard Plume The Right Carriage Download 4.7MB Play
02-07-17 AM Rob McNeish The Parable of the Ten Virgins Download 13.1MB Play
25-06-17 AM Brian Stenner Essentials of Christianity Download 9.6MB Play
18-06-17 AM Godfrey Miller A Good Place Download 15.9MB Play
11-06-17 AM Mark Powell SASRA and Luke 10 v 25-37 Download 19.6MB Play
04-06-17 AM Steve Morley Pentecost Download 11.5MB Play
28-05-17 AM Bernard Plume Resisting or Receiving Grace Download 13.8MB Play
21-05-17 AM Tony Hood The Kingdom of God Download 15.3MB Play
07-05-17 AM Glyn Jones Isaiah 35 and John 14 Download 12.1MB Play
30-04-17 AM Rob McNeish The Foundation of the Church Download 12.9MB Play
23-04-17 AM Kevin Moore Luke 24 Download 16.4MB Play
16-04-17 AM Ray Delaney A Divine Jigsaw Download 13.5MB Play
09-04-17 AM Austin Mudd Palm Sunday Download 11.4MB Play
02-04-17 AM Victor Jack Mark 8 v 27-31 Download 14.5MB Play
26-03-17 AM Andrew Dixey Life by the Spirit Download 12.0MB Play
19-03-17 AM David Pritchard Belief Download 13.1MB Play
12-03-17 AM Geoff Green Focussed Christian Living Download 11.9MB Play
05-03-17 AM Brian Stenner The Man on the Cross Download 10.5MB Play
26-02-17 AM Rob McNeish Esther 9 Download 12.2MB Play
19-02-17 AM Bernard Plume Crisis is the Crucible that Refines Us Download 13.4MB Play
12-02-17 AM Mark Plumb Mark 1 Download 17.0MB Play
05-02-17 AM Steve Morley Speaking With God Download 9.3MB Play
29-01-17 AM Godfrey Miller Malachi 1 Download 15.0MB Play
22-01-17 AM Glyn Jones Psalm 96 and Matthew 5 Download 14.8MB Play
15-01-17 AM John Clark Genesis 28 Download 11.7MB Play
08-01-17 AM Andy Jelfs The Priorities of Jesus Download 14.1MB Play
01-01-17 AM Andrew Dixey The Church as a Garden Download 13.9MB Play
25-12-16 AM Austin Mudd Today A Saviour Has Been Born! Download 8.3MB Play
18-12-16 PM Steve Morley A Christmas Journey Download 11.6MB Play
11-12-16 AM David Butcher Luke 2 v 1-20 Download 13.2MB Play
04-12-16 AM Rob McNeish 1 Timothy 1 Download 13.8MB Play
27-11-16 AM Bernard Plume Sustained in Sufferings Download 14.4MB Play
20-11-16 PM Tony Hood Andrew Download 17.5MB Play
20-11-16 AM Ian Copeman Ezekiel 3 v 10 Download 13.8MB Play
13-11-16 AM Brian Stenner Psalm 22 Download 9.5MB Play
06-11-16 PM Rob McNeish Maturity Download 13.6MB Play
06-11-16 AM Glyn Jones 2 Timothy 3 v 10-17 Download 13.4MB Play
30-10-16 PM Ian Oakley God the Lord Download 11.7MB Play
30-10-16 AM Mark Plumb Witness Download 16.3MB Play
23-10-16 AM Keith White The Roots of Harvest Download 17.7MB Play
16-10-16 PM Andy Jelfs The Holy Spirit Download 16.8MB Play
16-10-16 AM Mark Plumb Fellowship Download 15.7MB Play
09-10-16 AM Ray Delaney Marriage Download 9.2MB Play
02-10-16 PM Brian Stenner Ecclesiastes 12 Download 10.8MB Play
02-10-16 AM Kevin Moore Psalms Download 12.7MB Play
25-09-16 AM Rob McNeish 1 John 3 v 19-24 Download 14.5MB Play
18-09-16 AM Steve Morley Luke 16 v 19-13 – Looking Up Download 10.9MB Play
04-09-16 PM Bernard Plume New Things Download 4.9MB Play
04-09-16 AM David Pritchard Abiding and Closeness Download 15.0MB Play
28-08-16 AM Glyn Jones 1 Peter 4 Download 12.0MB Play
21-08-16 AM Austin Mudd Faith Without Works is Dead Download 15.0MB Play
14-08-16 AM Andrew Dixey God’s Will Download 16.0MB Play
07-08-16 AM David Butcher Written for Our Instruction Download 14.2MB Play